I’ve neglected this website since it was opened last year, lots has happened – some great things, some good things and some that have really not been wonderful at all but that is life and without the heartache we wouldn’t sppreciate the happy things. Well, at least that’s how I am choosing to look at it!  Life as a the only adult at home is tricky at times, balancing family, friends, work, fun and quiet time for me is harder than it looks.  I often feel like a cat chasing my own tail.  Twenty years ago I was at university studying child psychology, sociology and anthropology.  I planned to become an educational psychologist and raise a family in a balanced home with two parents and a Tom and Barbara Good ethos of grow your own, make your own and *be happy with what you have.  Oh well!

Shake Your Tush seems to be slowly building up, especially on Facebook. I have been getting lots of enquiries about alterations, finishing off projects that people have started but time hasn’t let them finish and most excitingly – wedding outfits!  This has been great fun and I can’t wait to show you the finished items after the big days of course :).  I’ve updated the shop on this site today – removed items that have sold via Facebook, reduced the price of some to reflect a recent sale I had and will be slowly be adding all my new stock.

Tomorrow evening I will be launching my new ‘Bag of the Month’ club.  A subscription only club where a limited number of Shakers will receive an exclusive bag made just for them.  The club will have a theme each month and the cost of the subscription will be 10-20% less than the bag would be if bought out of the club.  June’s theme is ‘Flaming June’ so expect to recieve something bright and sunny to bring on those warm summer days. All I need to do now is work out how to set up the subscription list…!

Ali x

*I’ve achieved this part of the plan (mostly) and I do have happy, healthy and fun children…

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