I’ve been sewing, it’s been over a month since I made anything.  The last thing I made was on the 15th September – a garter for the bride. Yesterday I cut out a mustard wool cape using a 1970’search pattern.  I adjusted the pattern slightly, taking out about a quarter of the fabric for a sleeker, more modern look.  The raw edges are bound with a floral bias binding and I added a hood lining in the same fabric for some more colour.  The clasp is one I found in a tub of vintage  buttons that I was bought earlier this year. What do you think? If you’d like one then send me an email, or a message here/Facebook/Twitter.



This afternoon I went to one of my favourite places, Lyndhurst – a small village in the New Forest.  Lots of high quality gift shops, pubs, restaurants and coffee shops.   I bought the silver birch candle holder above from Burrow and Hide, and found the New Forest Aromatics in The Forage – a popular coffee shop and deli specialising in seasonal local produce, delicious teas and freshly roasted coffees.

I stayed for lunch because it all looked very inviting…20161019_211639

I’d already had more coffee than Lorelei Gilmore’s weekly allowance so looked through their extensive TeaPigs menu.  Although not on the menu, I asked if a chai latte was possible.  No problem was the reply and a very yummy, freshly brewed, steamed and liberally cinnamonned 🙂 chai latte arrived.


The menu is vast! So much to choose from and this is only one page. In the end I went for the mezze.

Oh. My. Giddy. Aunt. Doris!*


It came with several slices of thin, fresh sourdough.  Slightly tangy with the distinctive chewy texture that you only get with a proper sourdough. Dipped into the oil and balsamic reduction mix, it became the perfect foil for their sweet and nutty flavours.  The aubergine chutney was sweet, sour, rich and spicy.   It paired extreme well with the mellow creaminess of the hummus especially when spread on the bread together.

The olives were herby, salty and full of rich, earthy flavour. But my favourite part of the mezze was the Greek Gigantes beans. Beautifully soft butter beans in a delicious tomato based sauce.  It was a party on my tongue!

There was definitely enough to share – especially if you’re going to indulge in one of their sumptuous cakes too.  I’ll definitely go back to this cosy delicafé.  It had a happy buzz about it, the decor was subtly subdued and the staff were friendly, attentive and full of smiles.  A jewel in the New Forest crown!  For bookings call The Forage on 02380 282396

*I haven’t got an Aunt Doris but if I did, I’m sure she’d be giddy. Very giddy indeed.

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