img_20161024_164723This is my family, they are 15, 12, 8 and 4.  Three girls, 1 boy.  All totally amazing and incredibly different in character.  They are my happiness, craziness, sanity, frustration and fun all wrapped up in a bundle of kind, caring, happy, lively loveliness.

Being a single parent is hard.  Rewarding yes, but hard.  I didn’t choose to do this on my own.  Circumstances changed, I changed, life happened.  I think I do a pretty good job though (they do see their dad’s, a lot, and have a great relationship with them).  Most of the time being on my own doesn’t bother me – we’ve lived as a single parent family for over 3 years now.  It’s different now that I’m properly on my own though.  There’s no one to ring and moan, no one to give me hug on those rough days when I’m having to be the mean mum, no one to text and share those seemingly insignificant tiny triumphs with.  And that’s lonely. I’m slowly filling those gaps though – with work, crafts, home making, friends, and I plan to do more.   It’s not all doom and gloom, with these bundles of craziness around me – how could it be?img_20161024_185708img_20161024_185738

So – this afternoon we took a trip to Beaulieu village.  We had a short walk along the river and popped into the new Mettricks for a drink.  I’d heard that Mettricks serve the best coffee in Southampton so it was time to try them out.


I knew we were on to something good when my youngest asked for a babycino and was told that it was no problem, then we were offered cream and marshmallows with the hot chocolates…


Now the coffee! Oh the coffee! Rich, velvety, chocolate notes, deep gorgeous flavours.  Creaminess from the steamed milk and the perfect touch of sweetness added by the chocolate flakes dusted on top.

I’ve never had a coffee like it and will be back for more, and more…and more.20161024_185311

Thank you, Mettricks Beaulieu – I think I’ve found my hygge nook in the forest!

I’m off to chat on Twitter during #lymotweetup and #hyggehour now, whilst watching Autumnwatch (Chris Packham is my not so secret celeb crush!) and drink licorice tea.

Thanks for reading, see you soon!

Ali x

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