img_20161103_065239Today started like this. Cold, richly coloured and full of happy promise. Then my ex husband happened and I had a full on Facebook style rant on Twitter. Not the best way to start a Thursday! It only takes one person to upset your day but…it only takes you to make it better again.  One of the best bits of advice I was ever given was that you can’t control how other people behave but you can control how you react to their behaviour.

So, with a deep and cleansing breath I kicked some autumn leaves and headed off to Costa because it’s CHRISTMAS DRINKS LAUNCH DAY!!




Ahh, that’s better.  Two hours later and I’m still here, oops! My lovely brother and sister in law joined me for a salted caramel cappuccino  (make sure you have the crumb on top, it makes it extra special) and a toasted marshmallow hot chocolate  (too sweet for me amazingly but my brother loved it!).

I’m avoiding going home so am indulging in an Amaretto latte and people watching whilst I write this.

On Tuesday I was challenged to blogging more this month, with the loose theme of Hygge, happiness and contentment. Apparently I’m meant to be posting every day …! Can I manage that? Can you cope with so much of me?

How much hygge can one woman share? Stay tuned to find out! Whilst you’re waiting go and visit my challenger at and enjoy what he has to say.

Happy November everyone, stay hygge.

Ali x



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