It’s that time of year, cold, grey and the sparkle of the holidays has faded.  We feel jaded and want to hibernate.  Usually I’d let myself give in to that feeling but not this year.  This year I have dreams, plans and goals. Lots of them!

My first one is to complete a month of FatMumSlim photos on Instagram, so far so good.   My snaps aren’t great but I’m having fun.  You can find me under the moniker shake_your_tush.


My next goal is an ongoing one.   I want to make at least 2 original items of clothing every month. This is an easy target but should spur me on to creating some fun pieces.  Hopefully!!

I also want a new tattoo and have asked a good friend to design something for me – watch this space! My other plans for this year revolve around family, friends and music so lots of fun to be had.

Now, on to my big dream for the year…



I’ve always loved our world, there is so much to see and learn about. Different cultures, art, people and architecture to learn about.  It’s so easy to let where you live become the centre of your universe, to become comfortable where you are and to forget about everything else that is out there.  It’s been 9.5 years since I left the familiarity of the UK and quite frankly, I’m bored.  I need adventure, culture, art, new friends and experiences.  And I need all this now!

So, I’m going to take myself off on some adventures.  I have a list of places to go but to be honest I don’t mind where I visit.  I just want to see more of this beautiful planet that we take for granted so much.

2017 – 3 European cities and 3 UK cities as well as a few days in Paris with the children in the summer.


Ali x

P.s Does anyone know how I can sell my soul to raise funds for my adventures?? ?

P.p.s I’m making plans for Ali, not Nigel ? but here’s your earworm anyway … https://youtu.be/gXNhL4J_S00



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